Course Description

Covers topics 33 Types of Logic, 34 Logic Gates, 35 Logic Levels, 36 Flip Flop, 37 Multivibrators, 38 Memory, 39 Microprocessors, and 40 Counters, Dividers, Convertors

Senior Instructor

Charles Bohe

About the author: Mr. Bohe has a master of science degree in education from California State University East Bay and specializes in online education. He holds a General Radiotelephone Operator License with a RADAR endorsement. His background includes twenty-four years of service with the United States Navy as a sonar technician. He taught electronics for over ten years at Heald College. He is currently employed as a civilian facilities maintenance supervisor with the United States Marine Corps. Certifications include Senior Certified Electronics Technician by Electronics Technician Association International (ETA-i) He holds a Journeyman Electronics Technician certification in Industrial and RADAR Electronics from ETA International. As  an active member of ETA International he proves guidance and testing opportunities for electronic certificationsThis book is dedicated to a Navy Captain, a Navy Commander (Ret.),  an Army Lt. Col. (Ret.) and the people of Pine Ridge SD who shaped my life. 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Topic 33 Types of Logic

    • Types of Logic Lecture-Transistor-Transistor-Logic (TTL)

    • Types of Logic-Transistor-Transistor-Logic (TTL) Quiz

  • 3

    Topic 34 Logic Gates

    • Topic 34 Logic Gates Certification Test lecture

    • Logic Gates Quiz

  • 4

    Topic 35 Logic Levels

    • Logic Levels Lecture

    • How to construct a two input truth table.

    • Two input logic truth table.

    • Topic 35 Fig 3E12

    • Topic 35 Figure 3E13

    • Topic 35 Figure 3E14

    • Logic Levels Quiz

  • 5

    Topic 36 Flip Flops

    • Flip flop lectures

    • Flip-Flop quiz

  • 6

    Topic 37 Multivibrators

    • Multivibrator Lecture

    • Multivibrator Quiz

  • 7

    Topic 38 Memory

    • Memory Lecture

    • Memory Quiz

  • 8

    Topic 39 Microprocessors

    • Microprocessors Lecture

    • Microprocessor Quiz

  • 9

    Topic 40 Counters, Dividers, Convertors

    • Counters, Dividers, and Convertors Lecture

    • Counters, Dividers, and Convertors Quiz